The NovoEd Learning Platform powers the latest training approaches, from self-directed micro-learning to project-based teams, which are typically only possible via in-person workshops. Participants learn through seamlessly integrated media, the practical application of new skills, and sharing and collaboration among peers.

The platform can be used for every type of blended training, self-paced, or cohort-based training. Below are some popular use cases and topics, as well as major industries whose workforces are being transformed through the NovoEd Learning Platform.

Featured Use Cases

Corporate Training

The NovoEd experiential learning platform has been selected by premier institutions and training organizations to teach innovation and design thinking skills.

Executive Education

The NovoEd experiential learning platform is utilized by top business schools and executive education programs worldwide. Founded by two Stanford researchers, the NovoEd platform is designed to facilitate an engaging social environment for online learners.

Other Use Cases

Employee Onboarding
Partner or Customer Training
Open Courses and MOOCs
Innovation & Design Thinking
Sales Training
Functional Skills
Product Training
Higher Education
Leadership Development
Consulting & Services
Retail & Food
Manufacturing & Industrial
Technology, Media, Telecom
Financial Services
Darden Partners with NovoEd to Teach Design Thinking

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Developing Early Leaders in Global Telecom

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