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Tommy Jams, a music website that is changing the way music lovers in India; enjoy, perform, and book live music. The group known as Team Greyscale (Parth Saxena Nikhil Kapur, Dhruv Saxena) completed the Technology Entrepreneurship Course in late summer early fall of last year. The team found the Opportunity Execution Program (OEP) assignment the most impactful because the assignment encouraged them to go beyond watching lectures, completing assignments, and participating in group work. The team had to pitch their idea and explore the market they plan to enter to understand if the initial assumptions they made about the market were correct. This exercise was crucial to building confidence in themselves and the venture they were about to undertake.

Since then, over 100 venues have registered on the site and nearly 500 artists and bands have signed up, in addition they have successfully inserted themselves into the music scene of three cities in India; Bangalore, Delhi and Goa, with plans to expand in Mumbai next.

Don’t live in India? Not to worry, Tommayjams has organized events all over the world touching local music lovers in the likes of the USA, Sweden, Ireland, France, Spain and Russia.  Read all about them and their experience on Venture Lab on their blog.

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