The Venture Lab platform powered by NovoED helped jump-start TommyJams, a successful music start-up based in India. The team relied on peer review, a crucial part of the Technology Entrepreneurship course, which gave the team exposure and feedback. The team behind TommyJams found that both the peer review process and assignment deadlines helped them to achieve this success.

Nikhil, Dhruv and Parth were strong professionals and students respectively but had no prior exposure to entrepreneurship. Venture Lab took their skills to the next level by providing in-depth explorations on essential entrepreneurship topics. A mentor was introduced to the group half way through the course, and continues to advise the young entrepreneurs.

Their experiences in Technology Entrepreneurship part 1 helped the students create a successful startup. Have a great idea and want to turn it into something real? It’s not too late to sign up for Technology Entrepreneurship Part 2!


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