Stanford Professor and successful investor Clint Korver, launched an advanced entrepreneurship course titled “Startup Boards” on Venture Lab. The course aimed at educating entrepreneurs about the importance and relevance of boards in their startups. The subject of startup boards is in want of much literature, and Professor Korver’s course serves as an invaluable means for existing companies and teams to understand and benefit from creating a board through team-based activities facilitated by the course.

The course is designed for students who have either formed an existing startup or are already in a team with a very clear idea for a startup and are committed to understanding the benefits of creating a board. In addition to selecting members to serve on their board, participants in the course will serve on the boards of other teams. The lectures for this course are grouped according to modules designed to systematically educate entrepreneurs about the role of boards in their startup.

The course is centered around four board meetings, the first of which takes place in the third week of the course. Prior to this meeting, students gain a strong understanding about assessing potential board members.The experience of taking this course on Venture Lab is very similar to the experience of taking the course as a student at Stanford, except that the readings for the course have been made available online for free.

In addition to the the high-end production quality of the lectures, Professor Korver’s media crew makes it a point to include questions asked by a panel of stanford students of different academic backgrounds who have taken the same course in person. The discussions that take place during these segments of the lectures provide an efficient means to address many of the questions that online students may have and offers a fresh perspective to online students whose field of study differs from Stanford students posing the question.

As this online course draws to an end, students are not only equipped with a thorough understanding of how to successfully go about recruiting board members, but also also grasp the overall significance and benefits of having a board for their startup.

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