World History from Princeton’s Jeremy Adelman to Be Taught in a Connected Global Classroom That Anyone in the World Can Join

For the first time in history, it will be possible to study world history in a global classroom, working with learners from different cultures and social backgrounds.

Princeton professor Jeremy Adelman will offer the first Global History Lab synchronously on the Princeton campus and as a MOOC on

“I am very excited about this course,” says Prof Adelman. ” While I have taught MOOCs several times before, now I will have an opportunity to learn from others! One theme of the course is that events and processes of the past mean different things to different people – what better way to capture these perspectives than in group labs, where students will collaborate on projects and share their insights and findings with the rest.”

The course gives learners the opportunity to form teams with their peers all over the world and work with primary historical materials to create new shared understandings of our shared history.

The case-based method of instruction applied to history, the interaction between Princeton students and learners from around the world, and the use of innovative new collaborative learning technologies are all part of Princeton’s deep commitment to student learning and community.

“Teaching the Global History Lab synchronously to students on-campus and around the world allows us to expand our commitment to student learning,” says Jeff Himpele, Director for Teaching Initiatives and Programs. “Designed to shift the focus from instructor knowledge to student engagement with history, this new collaborative online environment allows us to implement decades of classroom research demonstrating that strategies for intensifying student engagement increase student success, and it offers us new possibilities for improving classroom education at Princeton.”

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