We’ve added a few enhancements to our product in order to help our customers comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation, or as you know it, GDPR.

The two main changes that you might experience while using the website are:

  1. Easy access to NovoEd’s privacy policy link, found within the platform as well as on the sign-in page.
  2. A pop-up of a ‘Use of Cookies’ prompt, when a user first visits the website.

Both of these steps have been taken to make the privacy policy and cookie policy more transparent to the users. Other than this, we’ve also taken steps to integrate our efforts in maintaining transparency when using third-party platforms such as HubSpot and Salesforce. For example, users can now easily be removed from our database at their convenience.

Specifically for Our Customers

GDPR requires showing privacy information to users and notifying them of changes. To help your organization comply with such regulation, NovoEd has added a new organization admin option that allows an org admin to optionally define Organization specific privacy information.

The new option is added under Advanced Settings in the Org Admin dashboard and allows the org admin to define a summary of privacy information for the user. When specified, a privacy link will display this privacy information, as well as a brief blurb and link to NovoEd privacy information.

When your organization has content defined here, the recently added Privacy link will bring users to a modal displaying this information, as well as a brief summary of NovoEd privacy information with a link to NovoEd’s privacy policy. If nothing is defined for your organization, users will go directly to NovoEd’s privacy policy.

In alignment with the regulatory requirements, users will be notified in the app when this privacy information changes. A banner (which the user may dismiss) will be shown to each user upon log-in, and our system will track who viewed it.


If you have any questions or concerns, email us at hello@novoed.com and we’d be happy to address them!