Drewdrew-r is a Learning Experience Designer at NovoEd. Prior to joining NovoEd, he spent four years teaching middle school through Teach for America, followed by managing teacher development programs for Success Academies Charter Schools. Most recently, he designed solutions for scaling outreach and implementation for Gooru’s partner school districts. He holds a BA in Communications from UCLA and a MS in Education from City College of New York. Learn more at: https://novoed.com/users/DrewRemiker.

What is your role at NovoEd? I work with partners to build their courses by providing pedagogical, technical, and moral support.  This involves designing, producing, running, and analyzing courses while staying up-to-date on the latest in online learning.

What do you love most about working at NovoEd? I love that no two days are ever the same.  One day I’ll be talking with a university professor about the design of team-based assignments, the next day I’ll be working with a director and filming video lectures, and the following day I’ll be working with our engineering team to design a new product feature. My job allows me to employ my interests and skills in education, media, and design.

Drew making fondue at The Cheese School

Making fondue at The Cheese School

What’s been your favorite team building event? I had a blast when our team went The Cheese School to make six varieties of cheese fondue.  We enjoyed lovely appetizers and music, and after voting on the best cheese fondue (my teams’ won) we celebrated with a chocolate fondue.  I’ll never forget that night (or the morning after).

What’s your favorite snack in the office? I’m a sucker for snacks I ate as a third grader. I eat Fruit by the Foot daily.

What are you most excited about in the next year? I’m excited about our expanding client base as both corporate and philanthropic organizations are beginning to NovoEd as a solution for online education.  It’s exciting to work for a company that’s having a real impact in the vast edtech market.

Drew leading NovoEd's monthly book club

I lead our team’s monthly book club

What should people know about NovoEd? When you join NovoEd, you’ll be the true owner of your projects.  While your can rely on your colleagues for guidance and support, ultimately, the level of autonomy you’ll receive is something you’re not likely to find in many companies.  Without bureaucratic hoops to jump through to get things done, the speed and encouragement of innovation is unlike any company I have worked with.

To learn more about NovoEd’s career opportunities, visit  https://novoed.com/careers

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