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Analytics to Measure the Impact of Your Enterprise Training

Go beyond course completion rate and put actionable data behind your L&D efforts. With NovoEd’s analytics and reporting capabilities, you’ll gain real insight into the effectiveness of your organization’s learning experiences, creating opportunities to optimize your impact.

Measure and maximize your business results

You’ve set your learners up for success with a development opportunity based on a collaborative, interactive online platform, and coursework aligned with your business goals. To claim real victory, go one step further with learning engagement metrics to monitor and demonstrate the impact of your efforts.

NovoEd’s analytics and reporting tools provide a front-row view into your learning and development programs, revealing areas of success and opportunities for improvement. You gain the control to fine-tune your learning programs and initiatives, and maximize business results.

Your custom enterprise training analytics don’t just summarize how many learners finish each course or program. They’re a real-time window into every interaction, project, and discussion.

Turn insights into action

Monitor progress and completion

Ensure participation and accountability for learning by measuring your learners’ progress and completion rates through accurate, actionable enterprise training analytics.

Track learner engagement

Generate insights on your experiences by analyzing learners’ communications with their peers, coaches, and mentors, as well as their interactions with course content.

Dig deeper with customized reports

Build your own detailed reports that provide in-depth insights into key enterprise training analytics on learning engagement, participation, and application of learning.

See beyond the metrics

Assess the quality and depth of your learning programs by downloading and analyzing discussions, feedback, and project assignments.

Customer Story

Taking on Digital Transformation: CEMEX Leverages Online Learning

“The NovoEd platform was clearly designed with the learner in mind, as the user experience is really good. We chose NovoEd to profitably scale our reach and enhance the quality and impact of our programs.” – CEMEX

See the proof behind your learning

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Our use cases

Grow your business by fine-tuning your organization’s deep skill development.

Gain the building blocks for effective learning experiences.