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Training Analytics: Demonstrate the Impact of Your Enterprise Training

Go beyond course completion rates and put actionable data behind your L&D efforts. Use data to engage learners and connect to performance metrics.

Measure and maximize your business results

Get a front-row view into your learning and development programs, revealing areas of success and opportunities for improvement. With NovoEd’s data and analytics capabilities, you’ll gain real insight into the effectiveness of your organization’s learning experiences, creating opportunities to optimize your impact.

Monitor progress and completion

If learners are not progressing through and completing material, they’re not changing mindsets or behaviors. Measure the essentials with dashboard reports on logins, completions, and proficiency scores.

Measure learner engagement

Engagement and motivation drive progression and completion. Track engagement by measuring learners’ interactions with peers, facilitators, mentors, and coaches, as well as content.

Assess program quality

Data-driven approaches can improve learning experiences and drive better business outcomes. Develop a holistic understanding of the quality and depth of your programs by analyzing discussions, feedback, and assignments.

Generate customized insights

Your learning should not live in a silo. Create reports that align analysis of outcomes with learning objectives and performance expectations.

Key Features

Shorten time to impact with collaborative learning expertise

NovoEd offers a comprehensive set of service offerings to empower your organization’s success. Partner with our professional services and customer success teams to achieve your learning and business outcomes with the latest techniques and industry best practices.

Build business-critical capabilities with NovoEd’s learning solutions

From greater collaboration to leadership skills and mentor support, we have the learning solutions for every need.

Gain the building blocks for effective learning experiences.