Our consulting and training firm partners have thought-leading training content and dazzle their workshop attendees in face-to-face training. However, their clients are increasingly asking for a way to learn online. To replicate their in-person learning experiences online faithfully, our consulting and training firm partners are now powering their courses on NovoEd for social, collaborative online learning.

High-Quality NovoEd-Powered Courses for Organizations

The following is a list of high-quality content from NovoEd’s training partners that is available for organizations. These courses have been developed with the highest levels of quality with respect to their content, the user experience, the level of social engagement they promote, and the opportunities to practice and reinforce the skills they teach. We invite you to explore these courses. You can click to learn more information directly from these training partners

NovoEd was a great collaborative partner in helping us design and build our corporate storytelling online course. I’d highly recommend working with their design consultants to get your project in ideal shape for launch.
Janine Kurnoff