Part A - Learner Dashboard

The Learner Dashboard that provides a starting point for learners on the NovoEd platform. They can see a consolidated list of their actions items, courses, and groups

Part B - Course Homepage

The course homepage lets learners browse content, see trending activities, and view their peers’ contributions. It is the hub of their social learning experience.

Part C - Videos & Discussions

The NovoEd platform allows for loading or linking videos. These can play seamlessly in place. In addition, instructors can embed discussion threads that allow for easy dialog within the flow of learning.

Part D - Media & Quizzes

Media can be uploaded onto the platform and documents (Word, PDF,
PowerPoint) can be automatically previewed for easy browsing. Assessments can range from simple knowledge checks to complex quizzes

Part E - Project Assignments

Flexible assignments allow instructors to specify text, images, documents, or videos to be submitted, providing the opportunity to practice real-world applications within the course

Part F - Team Collaboration

Teams are at the heart of the NovoEd platform. Small teams can be self-formed or assigned, and given team assignments to work on together. Each team has a private workspace to collaborate, share information, and coordinate meetings

Part G - Peer Evaluations

In addition to informal peer feedback, NovoEd allows for a more formal peer or instructor evaluation of assignments. This allows for more rigorous, structured feedback to learners

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