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Organizational Upskilling: Upskilling Employees to Compete

As businesses and learners move further into a digital-forward era, upskilling employees with the capabilities critical to your organization’s growth and success is necessary to move ahead.

NovoEd’s approach to online training lets you customize training to match your organization’s goals, including functional upskilling in areas like marketing, supply chain management, customer service, and logistics. Learners practice their skills in the context of your business, boosted by the support of peer learning, mentoring, coaching, and group collaboration. Remain competitive in today’s digital world while meeting the demands of your modern customers.

Advance your business-related capabilities

Align capabilities with key goals

Focus your upskilling on the key business capabilities your organization needs to thrive — from marketing and supply chain management to customer service and diversity and inclusion. Employees will directly apply new learnings to their roles, driving real business growth.

“[NovoEd’s] ‘assignment/task management’ functionality is one of the solutions’ strengths, bringing a whole other dimension to self-paced courses – which allows the learner to practice the knowledge they have gained with either peer or expert feedback.”

Connect your global learners

Connect learners with peers, mentors, managers, and leadership in similar functions. Support and coaching is tailored to your organization’s culture, values, and strategic direction in the context of specific roles and pain points. Open learners’ minds through collaborative group projects, hands-on activities, shared insights, and peer feedback.

“I believe the power of the learner-centric experience created at PerkinElmer is the integration of social and collaborative features like threaded discussion, mentoring capabilities, and leaderboards, which have been key in building our employees’ skills and capabilities.”

Jennifer Sullivan, Chief Learning Officer, PerkinElmer

Scale your impact

Efficiently ramp up organization-wide functional expertise at scale to attain and retain a competitive advantage. Provide anytime, anywhere access to facilitated, collaborative online learning to reach a massive population of global learners and drive maximum business impact.

“I think the acquisition of LXD skills, coupled with your platform, is very timely. As the rest of the world is grappling with how to convert courses online due to the current situation, we are already ahead of the game”

Iris Garcia, Global HR Shared Services, Chevron

Customer Story

Digital Learning for the Enterprise:
A Biotech CLO’s Journey

“[The NovoEd platform is] the ‘glue’ that binds together a seamless, highly interactive, and engaging end-to-end learning experience” – PerkinElmer

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