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The Sales Training Platform to Boost Your Teams’ Effectiveness

Arm your sales teams with the training, knowledge, and skills to grow their sales effectiveness and remain relevant in an increasingly digital world. Effectively scale your organizational selling skills with peer-based collaboration and learning via NovoEd’s high-touch sales training platform. You’ll continually align sales with your business objectives and gain market share, outperform competitors, and discover new opportunities.

Empower future-focused sales transformation

Contextualize sales teams’ skill development

Grow valuable communication and interpersonal skills through sales training platform features like role-play activities, group practice, and application in the context of your sales professionals’ unique industry. Teams will be better able to create and manage opportunities, protect and grow accounts, and execute in the field.

“[NovoEd’s] ‘assignment/task management’ functionality is one of the solution’s strengths, bringing a whole other dimension to self-paced courses – which allows the learner to practice the knowledge they have gained with either peer or expert feedback.” 

Create networks of support

Coaching and feedback are critical to sales effectiveness. NovoEd’s collaborative sales training platform fosters connections between learners, mentors, managers, and leadership, building networks of mentorship and guidance contextualized to your company’s culture, values, and strategic direction.

“Discussions, a team environment, practice and assignments and online manager support are all resources that have made the experience engaging for our global learners”

Global Learning and Development Manager

Anytime, anywhere sales training

Sales professionals are often on the road and in front of customers and prospects. They need a learning experience that matches a mobile lifestyle. NovoEd’s anytime, anywhere sales training platform is accessible on-demand via smartphones, laptops, and tablets for a truly convenient, scalable, and efficient experience.

“NovoEd’s technology capabilities will enable Wilson Learning to provide digital offerings that meet modern expectations.”

Ed Emde, CEO, Wilson Learning

Customer Story

From Crotonville to Digital: Upskilling GE’s Global Workforce

“NovoEd is an experiential platform. When bringing the classroom experience online, we wanted our employees to retain the ability to reflect on their learning, apply new skills, engage with colleagues, and receive feedback.” – General Electric

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