Webinar on Demand

Why Skills-Based Learning is Not Enough: Building Capabilities for the Future of Work

Ed Miller


Josh Bersin

Global Industry Analyst

While more than 40% of CEOs talk about the skills of the future, it turns out that developing these skills is harder than we thought. In this research-based webinar, Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst, will explain how high-impact corporate learning has changed, and will show how companies can move beyond “skill-based” training to build real business capabilities, core to a company’s success. He will also explain how behavioral and soft skills are now becoming essential ingredients for the future of work.

Listen to the recording to learn:

When to go beyond content libraries to advance core job-related capabilities

When self-directed learning may not be the best option for broad capability development

How to build real business capabilities in a scalable, open, and ever-improving way

Strategies for partnering with business leaders in developing capability ‘academies'

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