CGE’s Global Scholars Program to Launch Online Internship Opportunities focused on African Businesses

This year, the Center for Global Enterprise’s (CGE) Global Scholars Program offered two six-week online internships designed to help African platform companies build high-growth, sustainable businesses.

Global Scholars Alpha Teams are 6-week digital internships where a global team of up to 21 participants works together to solve a real-world business problem for a company sponsor. The projects require a high degree of collaboration among team members.

CGE’s first Alpha Team helped The London Taxi Company envision the future of the taxi market. You can see how the inaugural Alpha Team employed the NovoEd platform here. That team comprised individuals from fifteen different countries across five continents.

Although business internships are not new, Alpha Teams represent a unique opportunity for skill development and relationship building. Anyone interested in business—students, academic faculty, or business professionals—can apply. Teams are comprised of individuals that represent diverse cultural and work experiences that come together online to collectively create a solution to a specific business problem for a company sponsor—similar to work that could be given to an outside consulting firm. What’s more, Alpha Team projects are free to participants.

If you’re excited about this opportunity, apply to be in the next Alpha Team!