125-year-old startup General Electric is on a mission to reinvent itself and provide employees with continuous learning opportunities to build skills needed in the future. GE’s corporate learning initiative first began in 1956 when the Crotonville leadership institute was created to provide leadership development and functional learning opportunities for their workforce. While Crotonville remains the flagship leadership development training center, only 3% of GE’s 285,000 employees are able to participate due to costs and the global scale of GE’s workforce. 60% of employees are based outside of the U.S.

To expand the global reach of this program and inspire, connect, and develop the leaders of today and tomorrow, GE crafted a digital learning strategy, which, in 2016, evolved into BrilliantYOU™, an online learning experience platform. The BrilliantYOU™ team wanted to bring the best-in-class learning experience online while maintaining the meaningful connections established in a classroom environment. GE partnered with NovoEd to connect large populations from around the world to engage on a topic or course and to provide their workforce with the opportunity to learn from one another.

For a look at GE’s approach to transforming the in-classroom experience into a dynamic online learning environment, view slides from the Evolution of Workforce Development at GE presentation, given at Masie’s Learning 2018 by Sara Ley, Digital Learning and Technology Leader at GE.

Case Study

By strategically creating and curating collaborative digital learning experiences on the NovoEd Learning Delivery Platform, GE reaches, engages, and connects thousands of learners each week. To get a deeper look of GE’s journey to online learning, read the case study, From Crotonville to Digital: Upskilling GE’s Global Workforce.

View a recording of our product tour to see how NovoEd makes it possible to scale the best of in-person training online across a global workforce and increases the impact of the learning experience on your business initiatives.

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