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Harness the Power of a Fully Collaborative Learning Platform 

Effective learning doesn’t happen in isolation. Practice and peer feedback, coaching and mentorship, team-based projects, and contextualized insights are all elegantly built into NovoEd’s collaborative learning platform. You’ll build immersive, interactive learning experiences that drive business results on a global scale.

Drive better business results with the strength of collaborative learning

Collaborative learning produces better outcomes than individual, self-directed content discovery and consumption. Learning together results in greater impact and productivity, fosters more diverse and supportive professional relationships, and creates a sense of belonging. And most importantly, collaboration actively engages learners, promoting accountability, strengthening and sustaining learning, and fostering a dynamic learning culture.

With NovoEd’s industry-leading collaborative online learning platform, you’ll create high-impact, interactive learning experiences relevant to your business. The platform enables peer learning and feedback between colleagues, mentors, and managers, and around relevant content, creating context and communities. These modern learning experiences are proven to be more effective in fueling organizational transformation at scale than any other learning and development program.

Join the forward-thinking companies who turn to NovoEd to develop the strategic capabilities and high-impact skills vital to their organization’s competitive performance.

Accelerate skill development via collaborative learning

Engage with peers

Give users ample opportunity to engage with and learn from one other through discussion, informal feedback, and formal peer reviews.

Practice & apply new skills

Practice new skills in a collaborative learning environment with individual and team projects designed to demonstrate and apply learned behaviors.

Empower team-based learning

Strengthen your users’ collaborative learning network by enabling them to form small working groups, where they’ll apply learnings to specific projects and functional interests.

Provide feedback

Elevate mentorship and coaching by integrating assessments and providing one-to-one or group guidance. Learners connect with coaches, mentors, and managers in support of their progress.

Learn anytime, anywhere

Give learners the flexibility and capability to access learning materials and communicate with one another across devices and locations — anywhere in the world.

Motivate with gamification

Retain learner focus, motivation, and engagement — and cultivate social learning — by awarding points and badges to various activities within the platform.

Track & measure results

Provide facilitators and other stakeholders with granular insights into learning progress and success — and the overall effectiveness of your program.

Design engaging experiences

Create learning experiences by leveraging intuitive tools, customized and relevant content, and facilitation capabilities, including mentors and managers.

Customer Story

Digital Learning for the Enterprise: A Biotech CLO’s Journey

“[The NovoEd platform is] the ‘glue’ that binds together a seamless, highly interactive and engaging end-to-end learning experience.” – PerkinElmer

Make collaborative learning part of your organization

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