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NovoEd’s social, mobile, and analytical capabilities provide a learning experience that happens around content and between people, activating the deep skill development needed for enduring behavior change in the context of your business.

Participants learn by collaborating on projects, getting feedback from peers and mentors, and practicing and applying new skills in the workplace. This blend of continuous formal and informal learning drives accountability, increases engagement, and results in outcomes that scale.

Create High-Impact Learning Experiences

Design, curate, and deliver high-impact learning experiences that engage learners and drive the development of critical capabilities. Make experiences relevant by tying conversations, collaborative practice and application, and constructive feedback to instructional content.

• Curate learning experiences with intuitive design tools
• Feature your own content or connect to external content
• Add context with reflection and conversation
• Demonstrate and apply learning with practice and application
• Add motivation with gamification

Foster Connections that Nurture and Sustain Skill Building

Build employee capabilities by connecting learners to each other and to experts. Providing access to perspective and expertise accelerates the sharing of knowledge and creates value for the learner and the organization.

Connect learners to each other and to experts
• Integrate peer review, discussion, and feedback
• Form teams and groups to collaborate on specific projects
• Connect learners with mentors & managers

Transform Your Organization with Learning at Scale

Power organizational transformation by changing mindsets, behavior, and performance on the job at scale. An authentic culture of continuous learning and growth emerges when learning is accessible to learners, managers, and coaches at any time and from any location.

• Leverage the mobile app for flexible access
• Use dashboards and analytics to scale with impact
• Use platform communications tools to encourage learners

Product Features

Modern Mobile UI
Modern UI & Mobile App
Peer, Mentor, Manager Support
Effective & Experiential
Teams & Groups
Collaboration, Discussion & Feedback
innovation and design thinking
Intuitive Design & Management Tools
Powerful Reporting and Management
Data Analytics
All Types of Content, Including User-Generated
Applied Learning
Projects & Applied Learning
The NovoEd platform was clearly designed with the learner in mind as the user experience is really good. We chose NovoEd to profitably scale our reach and enhance the quality and impact of our programs.
Abraham González Báez Jalife


NovoEd's Online Learning Platform is licensed on a software-as-a-service model based on the number of annual users.

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